Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Protecting your heart with fiber helps protect your whole body, study shows

I'm just back from my Valentine's Day speaking engagement at the U.S. Army War College, which was an unforgettable experience. I got to give my message "Protect Your Heart, Protect Your Life --It's that Simple," to more than 100 of our country's finest military officers and spouses. I will write more about my experience at this historic site in the coming days.

Returning today, though, I logged on and found fresh news this morning that points out my key message -- that when you take action to keep your heart happy, your whole body is better off. This comes from a new government-funded study, which shows that eating fiber, which helps prevent heart disease, also helps you live longer. And, while the results were good for both men and women, the effect was even more pronounced in women.

The study, reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found that high intakes of fiber were associated with 24 to 56 percent reduction in cardiovascular, infectious and respiratory diseases in men and 34 to 59 percent in women. The association was found with dietary fiber from grains, but not from other sources like fruits.

So here's another reason to up your fiber intake. Just be careful and do it slowly, so your body can have time to adjust to it, or you may find your stomach speaking up in ways you don't appreciate!

As an award-winning author, national speaker, and the founder of National Women's Heart Health Day, I speak to to hospitals and organizations on preventing heart disease in women and men. I'd love to bring my message to your organization, so just click on my website, or email me at char@libov.com.

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